Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette

Last week Sugarpill had their annual Birthday sale and I really couldn't help myself. I've seen just about everyone in the beauty community just rave about how amazing their products are. So after some research (and my own personal inclination towards the color scheme), I decided the Burning Heart Palette really was a must.

Typically Sugarpill's palettes run for $34+$6 S&H, I got this for $27+6 S&H. It's still a bit steep but considering it's 4g of product per pan, that's pretty darn good.

I ordered this on a Thursday and it arrived the following Wednesday, which is okay but I wasn't really in any hurry to get these. 

I loved that it arrived in a box with their adorable kitty logo on the side, and considering this is from an Indie (albeit manufactured in a lab) Company that's pretty impressive. I wish I had taken pictures of this but unfortunately I threw the box out before I thought of it. Oh well...

This is the packaging the palette comes in. 

I love that you can really tell that they thought about their packaging.

It's adorable, but it seems that this is the same packaging all the palettes come in, as the only indication of what palette it is, is a sticker on the bottom of the box.

The actual palette has just as much detail as the packaging it comes in. It's very Lolita.

On the back of the palette it clearly lists the colors in the palette, which I very much appreciate because I feel like half of the time I have no idea what I'm putting on my face and just call things "that goldy-ish color there".

Upon opening: I was very much surprised at how vibrant the actual eye shadows were. I mean I had seen so many pictures of these and I just kind of thought like there's no way they're as bright as they photograph. I was totally wrong, the pictures on the Sugarpill website are super accurate. They really are that bright. Also, I like that this palette comes with a mirror, it's just handy, though it doesn't stay up on it's own. That's not really a miss for me, I can deal with that.

Now for what your probably ( or not really) here for, Swatches:

Poison Plum- What Sugarpill says: Deep matte purple with a semi-pearly sheen.

What I think:  This was the color I was initially drawn to, I love me some purple eyeshadow, and based on the reviews that I had seen this was everyone's absolute favorite Sugarpill eyeshadow. Out of the 4 colors I think this was the hardest for me to get a decent swatch of. It took a few swipes to get it to actually show up, which was kind of disappointing for me. When I actually applied it, it really did need a light base for it show up as vibrant as it appears in the pan but that maybe because of my coloring (I am quite yellow), not sure about that yet. This has bits of blue micro glitter sprinkled throughout, but it doesn't really show up when applied nor does it create unwanted fallout. 

Buttercupcake- What Sugarpill says: The brightest bright matte yellow with awesome opaque coverage.

What I think:  This is totally a dupe for MAC's Chrome Yellow. But this doesn't take as much effort to get it to show (MAC and I have problems ya'll). I only swiped it once for the swatch and OMG if that isn't a true yellow I don't know what is. It looks great on it's own but over a white base (like Milk by NYX) it's like "BAM! in your face Yellow" and I love it. This shadow also had yellow microglitter but it's so tiny and sparce it really doesn't show through and that's not a bad thing.

Love +- What Sugarpill says: Bright red! Not for the faint-hearted.

What I Think: I don't think I've ever come across an eyeshadow that was as Red as this. When I swatch this it needed maybe 3 swipes for it to get it close to the color in the pan. But when it showed up, it showed up! It's definitely more of a blue based red, which I prefer to more orange toned reds. However, when I went to remove the swatches and my eye makeup (with coconut oil which is amazing when it comes to removing eye-makeup BTW) this stained my skin not horribly but it still did stain. I really love this color so I'm really going to try and work it into my normal makeup routine (somehow).

Flamepoint- What Sugarpill says: Vibrant matte orange.

What I think: I think this color was probably the one I looked forward to least, I'm not a orange girl, never have been, it's just not my thing. After swatching it I really feel bad about dismissing it, what you see in the swatch is one swipe. Yes, that's right. ONE SWIPE. It looks amazing alone, even better with a primer and it just blows my mind over a white base. This was the quality I was expecting from all the shadows based on the reviews I had seen. It's really making me rethink this anti-orange thing.

Here's a quick look I did with the palette:

  • I used my Tarte's clean slate eyeshadow primer, then applied NYX's Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk over the first half of my eyelid and lined the outercorner under my lashes before blending it all out with my finger. 
  • I then applied Buttercupcake in my inner corner and on the first half of my lid.
  • On the outer half of my lid I applied Flamepoint and blended it up past my crease.
  • To deepen the crease I added Love+ and carefully flicked it out  and blended it up into Flamepoint and.
  • Under my lashes (where I had applied Milk) I lined my eyes with Poison Plum and flicked it up into Flamepoint to create a cateye.
  • I then tightlined (top and bottom) with Rimmel's Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal eyeliner in black.
  • And then I attempted to make a small cateye flick with Koji Dollywink's Liquid Eyeliner in Black but unfortunately I appear to be out of it because I use it so darn much.
  • Lastly I applied mascara (I just happen to use whatever sample I had lying around) but really any will do.
In summary: I love Sugarpill's brand but I think they may be a little overhyped but at the same time I can see what all the fuss is about. I really do think I will purchase from them again as they have really decent products and those loose pigments are calling my name.

I hope this wasn't too boring and If you made it this far I salute you.

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