Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pumpkin & Poppy Summer Love Collection

Summer Love Full Collection
Pumpkin & Poppy comes out with another fun collection inspired by the now classic film Dirty Dancing.
If you have never heard of Pumpkin & Poppy, prepare to fall in love. Launched in August of 2011, this company is the brain child of Kristy Cutsforth aka VeggieBeauty. All of her products are completely vegan and cruelty free but despite what ever misconceptions you have about independent makeup companies, these products certainly pack a punch. Kristy finds inspiration for her collections and products from things she likes, Movies (like Aladdin and Hocus Pocus), Books (Interview with a Vampire, The Portrait of Dorian Gray), to music (Tori Amos and in the near future, David Bowie).

This collection in particular is inspired by the movie Dirty Dancing. Yes, the movie with Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. I can't say I'm a fan of the movie, but this youtube video is a favorite of mine.

Kristy draws her inspiration from the era (early 1960's) and Baby's natural look. The collection includes very soft colors and pastels, making this very spring worthy. Included are 2 eyeshadow pencils, 2 eyeshadow pigments, and a lip butter.
Rockette Eyeshadow
Rockette eyeshadow is a bright coral inspired by the character of Penny, the one that had a botched abortion and Baby's dad had to save. She was one of the dancer's at the resort who apparently was a former Rockette, hence the name. The color is inspired by the dress she wore in the movie.
Watermelon eyeshadow
Watermelon eyeshadow is Mint with a pink duo chrome inspired by the "I carried a watermelon" scene (watch it here). This doesn't necessarily scream watermelon (Usually a bright pink and in your face green come to mind), but it fits into this collection nicely.

Cardigan Lip Butter
 Cardigan Lip Butter is a very soft Lilac color. It's inspired by a cardigan Baby wears in the movie. Another pastel, which might be a bit too much as a lip color but since this is a lip butter it's sheer enough to pull off.

Baby eyeshadow pencil

Baby Eyeshadow Pencil is a Nude with peach undertones it as a satin finish. It's inspired by Frances "Baby" Hoffman and the dress she wears in the iconic dance scene at the end of the movie.

Wipeout eyeshadow pencil
Wipeout eyeshadow pencil is a matte white and P&P's response to NYX's Milk jumbo eyeshadow pencil. It was inspired by the song "Wipeout" by The Sufaris, which baby dances to in the film. The color is inspired by the color of her keds she's wearing while dancing to the song.


Here's a look a did with the entire collection:

I used Baby as a base, Rockette all over the lids, Watermelon mixed with Foiled again Mixing Medium as a eyeliner, Wipeout to highlight my inner corner, Baby again on my waterline, Tarte's Werewolf eyeshadow in the crease (from the True Blood palette), Dollywink's Black eyeliner and Tarte's lights camera action Mascara to finish off the eyes.
On the face I'm wearing Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation in 4.0, NYC Smooth skin bronzing face powder, P&P's Kim Blush and Cardigan Lip Butter.
Here's what it looked like after 6 hours of wear:
As you can see it did start to crease slightly, but I have super oily lids, so that is pretty darn good. The formula for her eye pencils is drier then most eye pencils making these ideal base colors.
Her prices are super reasonable especially if you buy the entire collection.
Wipeout Eye Pencil- $8.75
Baby Eye Pencil- $8.75
Rockette Eyeshadow- $5.00
Watermelon Eyeshadow- $5.00
Cardigan Lip Butter- $7.50
Summer Love Full Collection- $35.00
You can purchase these from Pumpkin and Poppy's Artfire Shop.
Disclaimer: All of these products were purchased with my own money, I am not in anyway affiliated with Pumpkin & Poppy.

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