Monday, March 25, 2013

Rave: Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

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I have a confession to make, at only 22 years old I'm already going grey. It's nothing major, just a few strands here and there. But because I see them and find them on a daily basis it's a problem. I also have a problem with dying my hair, I hate the entire process from the bad smells, to the stinging scalp, to the dry/damaged feeling traditional hair color gives me. It's not fun. 
And then, there was Naturtint.

I was first introduced to this brand by Veggiebeauty aka Kristy aka owner of Pumpkin and Poppy cosmetics. I've you ever seen any of the pictures that she posts on the veggiebeauty facebook page to show new products for her company, you'd be as obsessed with her hair as I was. I just had to have all that shine.

So before I knew it I was on Vitacost and purchasing a box for myself.

Here's a picture of my hair color before. Obviously you can't see the grey's as I don't have very many and they're hidden, but god damnit I know they're there!
This is the color my hair faded to after dying it with Manic Panic's InfraRed, way back in August 2012. That was introduction into Vegan hair color, and I'll admit I was a bit disappointed. Not with the color, I loved it for the week that it lasted. I just hated how it stained everything, irritated my scalp, and left my hair feeling so  dry despite every review I had seen saying that it, in fact, conditioned their own.

Maybe it's because I like keeping my hair as Au natural (feeling) as possible and never actually put any styling products and have never lightened my hair (well, the stuff that currently sits on my head, way back when I did, but that's been cut off). So I'm use to it feeling a certain way and I just hate the texture hair dye leaves it with.

Now Naturatint is in a league of it's own. I know I went Brunette with my hair color, which is way different from a bright red, but I've had my share of experience with just regular shades of brown. And they have never left my hair feeling this amazing.

The process wasn't a pain in the ass, no strong chemical smells, no burning of the scalp (even after I left it on for an hour, despite the instructions saying to do no more then 40 minutes). And it didn't take forever to rinse out the hair color, usually that takes so long I run out of hot water. This was all out of my hair within five minutes of stepping into the shower. Then I washed my hair with the shampoo the box came with (yes, shampoo) and used the conditioning treatment. I have no idea, whether this was the color or the treatment but my hair is so amazingly soft and shiny now it's like i bathed in clouds and sunshine. You heard it here, clouds and sunshine.

Pictures or it didn't happen.

I know there's not a whole lot of change color wise  But I wasn't really going for that, as this was the first time I used the product. But I just love the results, I haven't found a single grey (oh yeah, I've looked), it's shiny soft, and gorgeous. 

Will definitely be purchasing more boxes of this in the future.

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